Whoops, I Suck at Blogging.

I did not intent to abandon this blog portion of the Studio Faren website.

Yet, somehow that little voice in the back of my head kept saying “You don’t have anything to write... just post on Instagram.” Some of that is true. I do focus my sole marketing efforts and social chit-chatting on Instagram at this moment. But other pieces are untrue -

I have plenty to say and plenty to write. I think the main reason I flaked is that I am just one woman.

Ultimately, 2018 has been about uncovering the question: “Where do I put my attention?”

Here’s what I learned thus far …

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How-to Blog: Mix the Messy & Precise
One of my favorite ways to connect with others, is to create a custom painting, or commission, of their vision.  My second favorite way to connect, is to educate and teach them about my process. Here are some process images and video of a recent commission that started as a beautiful, colorful mess... 
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Fort Collins Exhibit: February - April 2018
Are you near Fort Collins, Colorado? Have you ever eaten at the brightly colored, local establishment known as Big Al's Burgers and Dogs?  With the high ceilings, bold decor, and bright natural light it has been a perfect space to showcase my current color-FULL series. Ironically, Yes, I am a plant-based eater (*they do have a great veggie burger)!
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How I intend to re-create and use this space. A place to inform - the where. Musings of - the what.  Honesty of - the how and why. A culmination of raw honesty, learning from mistakes, getting messy, and letting go of taking myself too seriously. I don't love that version of myself, she doesn't have nearly as much fun. I want it to be short and sweet. A Brief Reintroduction to Yours Truly ... and Here we go - 2018! Where is it going? I don't know. 
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