My intention is to re-create this space as: 

  1. A place to inform - the where. The latest events and locations of Studio Faren artwork. 
  2. Musings of - the what. What are the current inspirations, obsessions, goals, and connections of this winding art venture. 
  3. The honesty of - the how and why. This part if ever-evolving for me. Yet, I know I want this space to be a culmination of raw honesty, learning from making mistakes, getting messy, and letting go of taking myself too seriously. I don't love that version of myself, she doesn't have nearly as much fun. 
  4. I want it to be short and sweet. 

A Brief Reintroduction to Yours Truly... 

I always feel a bit ridiculous when someone asks me to "say a little bit about myself" and get too anxious over such a simple matter. As for this brief reintroduction, I will share that I am still dreaming of my next getaway and searching flights around the world ... I am working as an art therapist in Fort Collins, Colorado ... I became engaged in New Years Eve and plan to have an intimate/private little event on Labor Day weekend ...  and one of my personal 2017 accomplishments was - (and the hardest struggle might have been) giving up a daily addiction to coffee. Now I can have it occasionally but I don't feel like I "require" it.  I get less dizzy and appreciate that sweet smell much more. 

Here we go... 2018. 

Raw honesty of my 2018 story is that I don't know where I will be living, where it will take me, or what I hope to accomplish. 

This is where I want to begin. To get clear. To sit and meditate, to journal, listen to music, move, and uncover where my art is leading me.

I plan to take care of myself each day. I have discovered that I enjoy spending the first few hours of my day focused on giving my body nutrition, drinking tea or coffee alternative, then getting into the creative zone. I am MUCH more energized and inspired in the morning. My ability to follow-through or create decreases as the day goes on. Currently, I am continuing to clarify how I want my art and my message to show up in this world, as I try to embrace social media one gritted tooth at a time. I want to honor the planet and connect with like-minded individuals that are here to spread love, environmental responsibility, compassion, color, and a desire to connect to their true soul essence. 

The January/February Where: 

Akinz Holiday Pop-up is STILL open through February, in Fort Collins, Colorado. Stop by and explore the variety of hand-crafted goods, mountain-inspired outdoor gear, and so much more. 

Location: 2720 Council Tree Ave, Suite #106, Fort Collins (Front Range Village Shopping Center)




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