Whoops, I Suck at Blogging.

I did not intent to abandon this blog portion of the Studio Faren website.

Yet, somehow that little voice in the back of my head kept saying “You don’t have anything to write... just post on Instagram.”

Some of that is true. I do focus my sole marketing efforts and social chit-chatting on Instagram at this moment. But other pieces are untrue - I have plenty to say and plenty to write. I think the main reason is that I am just one woman.

Yes. Admitting that I can’t do it all. When you’re trying to turn a fun practice into a side hustle, into a profit, into a job, into a part-time job, into a hopeful full-time job… well, pieces fall way and you say screw it.

When I look back to when I abandoned this blog in March, a ton of stuff has happened. Most of this year just zipped by. I got married, connected with a company to print products in Fort Collins, made a cool cosmic series, created art for businesses and friends, and ended the year with a children’s book on Amazon.

Ultimately, 2018 has been about uncovering the question:

“Where do I put my attention?”

Here’s what I learned thus far:

1. I don’t need to do EVERYTHING that every entrepreneur, e-course, Facebook, Instagram, and Google try to tell me that I need to do.

2. Just pick one or two topics and focus there for a bit. For the last 6 months, I chose Instagram and gaining emails for newsletters (and practicing newsletters!)

3. Ask myself repeatedly, what has been worth it? ... What has been enjoyable?what would I do again?

4. Do more of what has been fun.

5. Filter out products: make more of what has been profitable and popular.

6. Create less of items that just aren’t working.

7. Don’t call it a failure when one idea doesn’t work or one product doesn’t fly out the door, you're not going to hang in this game if you do. (this took me a bit to get the hang of)

8. Move on to the next idea, identify the clarity and acknowledge the practice that the less-profitable moment brought and move on.

9. Just get on the video screen once in a while. Say Hi. It’s scary as hell but can be fun to tackle. (after all, people buy “the artist” as much as the art, Do you think so?)

10. Getting an idea DONE is better than waiting in fear of it not being just right. (how I completely felt during the book collaboration. It’s imperfect. It’s done. It was a HUGE lesson in many directions and just a starting place for many more to come.)

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