FREE Download! "Expanded Life Beyond" ~ Print at Home!

FREE Download! "Expanded Life Beyond" ~ Print at Home!


Enjoy this updated and expanded version of “Life Beyond,” a cosmic journey into remembering our greater being.

A Free Download Just for You - No Strings Attached.

This image, Life Beyond, was painted as the beginning of a cosmic series. It was offered in an initial version but has since expanded into a grand journey through the stars.

The universe is a magical and mysterious place. This image was created as a reflection of a favorite mantra “In this moment I trust myself and I trust the Universe” - a mindful space to reflect on and harness as intention when feeling uncertain in life.

You are connected. We are connected.

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    *PLEASE NOTE: Studio Faren owns the rights to this image. Please do not reproduce for other purposes other than your own enjoyment.

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