*Choose ANY 2* Camp Cup Designs

*Choose ANY 2* Camp Cup Designs


ALL of the Yooper Cups are available for your ideal, unique set of 2.

You will be prompted to fill out a form, selecting the 2 designs you would like.

Options Include: (in order of photos)

  1. Lake Superior Swooning (McLain’s lighthouse)

  2. Isles of Lost & Found (sunset island & mandala)

  3. The Calling of Copper Harbor (lighthouse)

  4. Our Lady Quincy

  5. Spirit of the Portage (bridge)

  6. Tales of the Timeless (Isle Royale, Rock of Ages lighthouse)

  7. Aurora Our Love (blue northern lights)

  8. Fires of Heaven (green northern lights)

  9. Moon Over McCarty’s (Marquette)

  10. Superior Serenity

  11. Rainbow of Hope

Product Details:

  • 11 oz Steel Camp Cups

  • Recommended to hand-wash to preserve colors.

  • Printed with premium inks in Fort Collins, Colorado.

  • Please allow approx. 2 weeks for production & distribution.

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