"Our Lady Quincy" 9x12

"Our Lady Quincy" 9x12


Our Lady Quincy, is a unique take on a classic landmark of Hancock, Michigan, my birthplace and home.

It sits as a reminder of our history, the challenges of our ancestors - and we can give thanks to those before us that made this home a home.

Original Painting Details:

  • Painted onto a gallery-wrapped canvas.

  • 1.5 inches thick x 12 inches long x 9 inches tall.

  • Created with bold, saturated, professional-grade, acrylic paint and paint pens.

  • Light coat of protective varnish for lasting quality and bright, pigmented finish.

  • Shipped on the canvas. Ready to hang or stand.

Original Painting: ONLY $5 SHIPPING!

What is a gallery-wrapped canvas? This is a thicker product, in which the canvas is stretched around a wooden frame that has a 1.5 inch thick edge. It is painted around the edges for a professional finish. They are able to stand up with the extra depth.

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