"Upper Michigan Aura" 9x12 - Frame at Home -

"Upper Michigan Aura" 9x12 - Frame at Home -


With vast open skies and deep, quiet nights, Michigan gives you true access to the stars.

Do you see it? Layered in the depth of this deep blue is a constellation for the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

Original Painting Details:

  • Painted onto a flat gesso art board. UNFRAMED.

  • 1/8 inch thick x 9 inches tall x 12 inches long.

  • Created with bold, saturated, professional-grade, acrylic paint and paint pen.

  • Light coat of protective varnish for lasting quality and bright, pigmented finish.

  • Frame at home in a standard 9x12 frame. (Tip: take out the glass and place board in frame to see the texture of the paint and detail)

Original Painting: ONLY $5 SHIPPING!

What is a gesso art board? This is a flat wood panel (1/8” thick), made of heavyweight wood material and covered with a layer of gesso, to create a smooth and durable surface for paint.

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