"Upper Michigan Aura" 9x12 - Frame at Home -

"Upper Michigan Aura" 9x12 - Frame at Home -

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The magic of the night. Vast open skies, an abundance of stars and constellations as far as the human eye can see. Constellation detail in painting is Aquarius zodiak sign, or the water-bearer.

Original Painting Details:

  • Created with saturated, professional-grade, acrylic paint & paint pen detail.

  • Painted onto a flat gesso board.

  • Light coat of protective varnish for lasting quality and bright, pigmented finish.

  • Fits frame size 9x12 (frame separately). Simply take out the glass and slide in. *Inquire if you would like to purchase an available black frame with it. Looks wonderful in white or silver frame as well.

Original Painting: ONLY $5 SHIPPING!

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