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Ethereal vision. 

GENUINE intention.



My name is Faren. LIKE FAHRENHEIT.

 I was named after a character on The Young and the Restless. The young woman had amnesia and didn't know who she truly was. Truthfully, I think we all lose ourselves at one point or another.

Painting has brought me back to my truth and I create with the intent for others to remember the truth of who they are. 

Art is a spiritual experience for me.  It has evolved from my earliest memories of growing up. I questioned the boxes that we put ourselves in. Life happened, challenges ensued. As a teen, I began to use art as a way to distract from anxiety and uncomfortable emotions and to work through the loss of my father.  Using art to process life’s questions: Who am I? Why are were here? Why do souls leave suddenly? What do I do with this shattered feeling? 

This belief and discovery resonated with me: we are souls residing in a human form - We are Love - We are Light - We are intrinsically "good" and whole, within our core. As we live we may forget. We experience emotional pain and we fall for illusions. Yet, we can put ourselves back together with time and practices. 

I paint as a reminder of our true essence, our origin, our belonging, Our Oneness - what we have in common as humans. 

I hope that experiencing my art can remind you that you are Divine. You have the answers and the power within you, at all times; we simply have to uncover it, harness it, believe it, and live it. 


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I had a vision of my essence, my soul, my mission, and I called forth a sister to create it with a picture. Thank you for creating me in art. The painting makes my office feel complete. Truth is, the painting, well - it feeds my soul.
— Michelle, Feeding Your Own Soul Coaching

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Artist: Faren Peterson

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